Russian Academy of Sciences

Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

International Workshop

Localization, Interactions and Superconductivity

Chernogolovka, Russia, June 29 - July 3, 2015

Travel information:

To get to Chernogolovka, please, follow these instructions:

To get from Sheremetyevo airport to Moscow take Aeroexpress train to the terminal near the metro station "Belorusskaya"; from Domodedovo airport you can take Aeroexpress train to the terminal at which metro station "Paveletskaya" is situated; from Vnukovo airport you can take Aeroexpress train to the terminal at which the metro station "Kievskaya" is situated. You can buy the metro ticket in counters near a metro entrances.

Once you get to the Moscow metro (subway), you should go to the station "Shchelkovskaya"). At "Shchyolkovskaya" take the exit near the first (head) car, go upstairs, take the right turn, then after glass doors go to the left, and then upstairs (see map). There is the bus station near "Shchyolkovskaya". There you take express bus 320 (Moscow-Chkalovsky-Chernogolovka) or 360 (Moscow-Chkalovsky-Chernogolovka-Dubrovo) to Chernogolovka. They depart approximately each half an hour from the platform 11 (near the entrance to the Bus Station). There is also stop of the mini-bus 320 (Moscow-Chernogolovka) near this point. Please, buy the ticket at the desk on the street to the left from the entrance to the Bus station or from the driver (for mini-buses). Ticket's price is about 1.5 euro (you need to pay in roubles). The trip from Moscow to Chernogolovka will take about one hour.

If you want to take a taxi from the airport to Chernogolovka, please, go to the official taxi counter in the arrival hall. Please use only official taxi. To use private ones could be unsafe. Note that the ride to Chernogolovka (located near the town of Noginsk) can be rather expensive (from Domodevo about 130 euro; from Sheremet'evo about 100 euro).


Majority of participants will be accomodated in hotel1 in Chernogolovka (items 2 on the map). The conference will take place at the Landau Institute (item 6).

The map of Chernogolovka:

The map of the Chernogolovka can be downloaded here

Some of the participants will be accomodated in Druzhba pension which is situated approximately 10 km before Chernogolovka on the Shchyolkovskoe highway (Gromkovo village). The conference shuttle will operate in the morning and eveninng between Druzba and Landau Institute. Alternatively, one can use the local Chernogolovka taxi service (tel. +74965248800) or regular buses operating between Moscow and Chernogolovka.